We strive for the opportunity to take care of your medical needs and those of your family. We are dedicated to providing you with the excellence and understanding necessary to serve all of your health care requirements.

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Allergic Patch Testing

This painless study places stickers to test for common allergans. After determining the allergy, patient can make changes to the products that they use. This can allow for treatment of some skin diseases without the need for any medication.

 Cosmetic treatments

We offer cosmetic laser treatments with our Triple Wave Length Hair removal laser, our KTP redness reduction laser and our Ellman Medley Sparkling Laser and IPL. Using these device we can treat redness, hair, tattoo and provide skin resurfacing on patients with a variety of skin types. We also offer chemical peels and microneedling for skin tone and texture.   

General Healthcare

Our medical staff provide you with personal care and make sure that as a patient you understand your diagnosis and treatment options.


Our practice provides the best pediatric care possible by giving each patient the individual attention he or she deserves.           

Psoriasis and Vitiligo Laser Therapy

Cerified Dermatology now offers Excimer Laser Therapy with the Pharos Laser.  This therapy has been approved by the FDA for psoriasis that is resistant to other therapies. Excimer laser is a surface therapy that has no absorption into the body, is safe, and does not cause any systemic side effects.                           

Surgical Therapy

Our practice offers easy to schedule, quick surgical procedures to treat most skin cancers.

UV Light Phototherapy

Narrow band UVB light therapy and PUVA hand and foot therapy offered with brand new UVBiotek and National Biological phototherapy units are safe and very effective ways to treat a variety of skin conditions including: Psoriasis, Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis, and Sun Sensitivity.  



Certified Dermatology, PC

853 2nd Street Pike
The Brownstone Building,
Ground Level, Rear, Suite A1 (Tuyen Nguyen PA-C & Megan Melvin, NP)
First floor, Up ramp at top of driveway, Suite A106 (Adam Woldow - MD, Michelle Prieto, - NP and Jessica Garcia - Aesthetician)
Richboro, PA 18954

(215) 485-5713

(215) 485-5419

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