At Certified Dermatology we feel it is important to not only serve our patients but also give back to the community.  Please feel free to explore the following links.


World Congress of Dermatology 2015 - Early dectection of dessiccation and currettage failure for the treatment of basal cell carcinoma

67th Annual American Academy of Dermatology Meeting 2009 - Sarcoidosis on the lower extremity masquerading clinically as necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum


Juxtaclavicular beaded lines: a presentation of sebaceous gland hyperplasia

Pigmented nodule below the eye. Pigmented basal cell carcinoma

The necrolytic erythemas: a continuous spectrum?

Treatment of recalcitrant herpes simplex virus with topical imiquimod

What is your diagnosis? Molluscum contagiosum on the sole of the foot



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